Water Tank Installation Brisbane

Everlasting Water Tanks is a leading distributor of quality Rainwater Tanks, Tank Accessories and Pumps in Brisbane, Australia. We have been in the industry for more than 6 years, delivering quality and utmost service. Our satisfied customers are living proof to that!

We offer a professional service with competitive prices on the supply and installation of a wide range of Rainwater Tanks, including Steel Tanks, Poly Tanks and Slimline Tanks throughout the greater Brisbane area. Everlasting Water Tanks have extensive experience installing Rainwater Tanks, Pumps and Accessories in domestic homes, apartment blocks, schools, businesses and shopping centres.

We provide No Obilgation Quotes and Free Site Inspection on all your Rainwater Tank needs, no matter how big or how small the job may be. We can also assist you with any problems you may be experiencing with your exiting rainwater tank.

By the way, we’ve created a water tank photo gallery page here at our Everlasting Water Tanks website. That way, you can see some of the rainwater tank installations we’ve done over the years for our customers. We hope you enjoy looking through our photos!

There are mainly two ways to install your rainwater tank and the most common would be the Dry System. Both systems are displayed below:

The Dry System
The Dry System is the most common system and involves overhead pipes connected to your gutters feeding into your water tank. This system is called the dry water tank system as the feed pipes run dry after the rain has stopped. With this water system, Everlasting Water Tanks’ main consideration is to ensure the tank height is low enough to allow fall into the tank and that the overhead pipe is well supported.

The Wet System
The Wet System is used for years in the country. This system enables the water tanks to be positioned away from the water collection source and uses the principal that water will always be level. As the line fills and builds up, the water will then spill into the tank.
When the rain stops, water will remain in the pipework and therefore it is called the wet system. When installing this kind of water system we ensure mosquito protection and pre-filtering of the water before it enters the charged system to keep pipes clear.

The price of water is on the increase, so think ahead and have a rainwater tank installed before you start paying too much just to water your garden and wash your car. Give us a call here at Everlasting Water Tanks and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!